Might Jock’s Recent Reads

Mighty Jock’s Recent Reads – I read a lot and listen to a huge amount of Audio-books (only unabridged! abridged audio-books are the pits!) and don’t always have time to give a full review.  Below are the books I have read recently (newest to the top) with a simple 0 – 5 Jockflag rating. (Actual flags to follow, once  figure out how to insert them!! temporary use of standard numbering system until then ;-)

Scoring –

5 Jockflags – Simply a really great read! great characters, great story, great plot and well worth borrowing or buying.  this is the Gold standard of Mighty Jock recommendation – a rare thing indeed!!

4 Jockflags – A solid read that i thoroughly enjoyed and would not hesitate to recommend.  There may be small shortcomings but, on the whole, the strengths far outweigh the weaknesses.

3 Jockflags – A good read – stick it on your ‘to be read pile’ and get to it when you get to it.  This book will entertain you, but doesn’t quite have that little extra ooomph for me to try and persuade you to bump it up the pile. But definitely worth a read.

2 Jockflags – This was ok! not brilliant but not terrible and is worth a read if you haven’t anything better available at the time.  This is the type of book I seem to find a lot.  It’s entertaining and I may recommend but i’m not going to be upset if you don’t rush out to buy it on my half- hearted plug.

1 Jockflag – Hmmmm, there was something not all that great about this book.  maybe i know that it’s a writing weakness or maybe i just can’t put my finger on it.  Either way, I’m not suggesting you spend your hard earned cash buying this.

0 Jockflags – Wow, this was not my thing at all! For zero flags i either didn’t even finish it, or was annoyed that i did! If we like the same type of books then you should probably skip this – but it’s all down to taste at the end of the day.


Current Book (Audio-Book)

Game of Thrones – George RR Martin

4-5 Jockflags

Listening to this at the moment and really enjoying it! The characters are so well done and the plot just keeps me wanting more and more! I listen to it in my car and find myself sitting outside the house when I get back, just to hear a last little bit or the end of the scene.  I’ve given it 4-5 Jockflags at the moment, just in case it tails off, but on current form this will be the second book to receive the 5 Jockflag rating.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson

5 Jockflags

I loved this book and the two that followed it!  I have to highlight one downside and that is that the first few chapters can be a bit of an effort – keep going and read through them as it is well worth it!  If you find that there is too much for you to take in, then buy it on audio-book and listen to it – it is very much worth the effort.  The leading lady Lisbeth Salander is fantastic in the ‘flawed hero’ role and i just wanted to hear more about her.

Stieg Larsson has a real talent for story and while people may say ‘he’s not the worlds greatest writer’ he is certainly, or rather was certainly, a fantastic storyteller.  The plot is amazing and the characters are varied. – I absolutely cannot recommend this book enough, nor the two that follow it – Not to be missed.


Let the Right One In – John Ajvide Lindqvist

4 Jockflags

I thoroughly enjoyed this book which I read on my Kindle! It is translated into English from the original text and this does show on a few of the passages. But with regards storyline, character and general read, I just enjoyed the whole read – A really great take on the Vampire type genre and I would say that even if Vamps are not normally your thing, this may be one that you’d enjoy anyway!!