Olympic Inspiration

With the Olympics in full swing it’s impossible to miss the constant stream of tweets, Facebook posts and news items about Team GB. Writers get inspired by the smallest thing; a smell, the sky (although, I appreciate it’s not small), the way someone smiles at you, I wonder how many of us are being inspired by the Olympics?

Did the opening ceremony of Branagh, Bean, Bond and the Queen inspire you to look into history of the UK and add a new depth to a work in progress?

The Olympic Village and transformation of the Stratford area have been a sight, but what’s going to happen after maybe you envisage the Olympic park becoming a genetic testing area to make super humans?

Have you looked to a male or female athlete and found a new character, or the perfect body for your character?

Shameless I know ;o) Ryan Lochte

Best even it out Jessica Eniss







Maybe the constant awareness of a potential terrorism plot, or the high military presence in London leaving the rest of the UK vulnerable is sparking something in your mind a great plot twist maybe?

It’s undeniable the rise in British pride this year with the Jubilee and now the Olympics, but maybe you’re being a bit of a humbug and you’d like to focus on the potential political drama, and spiralling debt.

You only have to look to the Paralympics to see stories of triumph over adversity:

Karen Darke – Paralysed from the chest down at 21 after falling from a cliff.  She’s raised thousands for charity and is competing in hand cycling this summer.

Private Derek Derenalagi –  lost both legs when he was injured in Afghanistan.  He found his discus talent through Battle Back, a rehabilitation through sport programme.

Maybe what you’re seeing now is inspiring you to get an Olympic themed novel out for Rio 2016?

Whatever your thoughts on the Olympics, positive or negative,  it’s a mine field of potential inspiration. Personally the buzz, when a GB competitor is in medal contention, is enough to channel and have an effect on my work in progress.

Let us know how you’re using the Olympics in your current or future work in progress.