What Do All Writers Sacrifice?


Every writer makes a sacrifice. And I do mean every . . . even those that are selling bestsellers and have enough in their kitty to go crazy on Amazon without double-checking their basket . . . humph . . .

It’s called “Time”.

I have a full-time job that does spill into evening and weekends with me doing that little bit extra or trying to overcome a deadline that makes no sadistic sense. At the start of each day, I map out the hours or minutes that can be utilised for writing, and though it can come down to 2 hours here or there, they are the most valuable two hours – ever!

I could use that time to watch the television, pop on a movie, roll out the PS3, put my feet up, or just do absolutely nothing – you know the feelings – it’s when you lie on the sofa staring at the TV channel’s logo in the corner without taking any notice of the programme. (Sigh)

But – oh no – I sacrifice all that to write, because if I don’t, then I may lose interest in the current novel, or forget the aim of the end-game. I have to keep writing and when my mojo is in hyper-mode, I go full-throttle baby. Of course I’ll have some downtime, but it’s only “some”, and possibly even “rarely”.  Weekends for me have always been priceless, and if I can utilise as much of that time as possible, then the whole reason for having weekends makes total sense to me.

Hang on – this post isn’t all about me. It’s about you – the writers, the designers, the creative sparks, the world-builders, the erotic-fantasists, the life-givers, the death-bringers, and the millions of other variables that make every iota of a tale that much different and unique.

Pffft . . . Sod spending money on trying to find life beyond Earth – we have new worlds and life within the pages and electronic devices of now and before.

[Hand me my manifesto box – I feel like a speech coming on]

Last weekend I met a dear friend from university, that I haven’t seen in 12 years. We had a great time, and a large potion of it was me helping to look after her two kids (3yrs and 4yrs). In those two days my respect for her heightened, because I saw her time swallowed by them. I haven’t got kids (yet), and although I do have two cats, they don’t demand the commitment that a family can.

So to all you writers that find time between the school-runs, the meals, the bed-time routine, and the tantrums; I salute you. Nay – I give you Uber-kudos.

If it weren’t for the sacrifice – the page would be empty.


Posted by Imran Siddiq

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