Flickimp Reflects on Writing in 2012



[1] Do you still write?

Absolutely – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Do you know the feeling of taking the cap off a cold bottle of coke, and then coming back 3 hours later only to find it’s gone flat – well that’s how I feel if I don’t write. It’s the one thing that takes away the stress of life and the issues of clogged tissues. And I do love writing YA Science Fiction.

[Ahem – clears throat] To answer the question – Yes.


[2] How has your writing changed in 2012?

I realised that I was putting on a formal approach to my voice in earlier work, (Disconnect), and it took away the creativity (I try) to bring as a blogger/commenter. Thus, new novels will have a little more humour injected and a freedom-for all approach. Of course – I will follow the rules of writing, but where I can put me into the words, rather than prim-and-proper me, then so be it. Also thanks to advice from @MightyJock, I think more about my chapters, ie: what is the aim, and what needs to be present.

Out goes the gunk, in comes the funk.


[3] Have your plans for how you wish to be published/agented changed?

Deep down I still linger for the achievement of having a literary agent take me on, and getting that book deal to put me on shelves across the solar system. I really do mean that. And I haven’t stopped pursuing that dream. Comments from some agents have been promising and during face-2-face meetings they give me a virtual pat on the back. But – I haven’t pulled off that dream yet.

So … that brings me to what I’m planning for 2013. Each new novel will still go to an agent, and if after a while, there are no bites, then it’ll be self-published as an ebook. Yes – I’m playing with two markets here, but to not have those novels out there is chomping my behind. I’ve already lined up 4 to be released in 2013 with 2 separate novels to be thrust to the agents. Good luck to me.


[4] Have you ditched any novels/WIP and why?

So far this year, nothing’s been ditched. I’ve been excited by each project and run with them. Of the 4 novels written, 2 have been polished, and the other 2 to be redrafted in 2013. I do spend a good solid week planning out the chapters/novel before I start, and if ant point I don’t feel ‘uber’ about the ending, I stop.

I treat each novel like a movie. Do I want to see the end?


[5] Favourite book of 2012

Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress by Sarwat Chadda

It’s a YA Fantasy novel about a young boy who must overcome sinister forces hell bent on raising the most demonic evil known. (Or something like that).

The novel helped me make the change described in [2]. His narrative is akin to Terry Pratchett, except less wordy and less to think about. At the time of writing novel 4 and 5, it sat next to my arm, ready to grab when I wanted to read a passage to remind myself of action/humour/plot and realistic dialogue. Great.


[6] Plans for 2013

Publish Disconnect: Book 1 as ebook – 22 Feb 2013

Get an agent.

Attend writing festivals.

Publish Disconnect: Book 2 – June 2013

Write and Publish Disconnect: Book 3 – September 2013

Get an agent.

Get an agent.

Publish Tyler Nitbone: Book 1 – December 2013

Redraft Adam Khan

Write a YA Horror Novel

Get an agent


[7] Writing related events attending in 2013

Self Publishing Event in March

Get Writing in April

York Festival of Writing in September


[8] Have any events in 2012 influenced your writing and if so why?

The Get Writing Event in Feb 2012 was an amazing event that had me excited all the way home. 3 literary agents  (including one who-shall-not-be-named) liked my style of writing and potential. (record-scratch) Potential? Yes – unfortunately my novel wasn’t what they were after, but their comments of how I wrote in a simple non-fluffy manner with believable characters gave me the boost I so needed after I was on the verge of wondering if writing was the right thing for me.

I always compared myself to others and published novels, and would consider that maybe I’m just good enough.

Okay – back to reality – just because I got good comments, doesn’t mean much because I never came out with agent.

BUT – the comments were powerful. And I had a further two agents discuss my potential at the York Festival of Writing in Sept 2012, so the message is clear. Keep going with what I am, and just find the awesome plot/idea where they’ll be auctioning to grab my signature.


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