Post by Stephanie Roundsmith

Do you still write?

Not as much as I’d like but 2013 is the year for change! When I do write I absolutely love it and find myself buried away in the spare room flicking between my computer and my ridiculous amount of notes strewn across the floor. It’s my time to disappear into my own world and I love it.

How has your writing changed in 2012

I’ve finally managed to find my voice which means that I’ve gone back to the start and deleted pretty much most of what I’d written. Also, I’ve made the decision which I think all writers should do and that is to write what I want to write not what the market/agent/publishers want. If we are writing for a market then I don’t really believe that we are true writers at all. True writers write because they have a need to – it’s part of who we are.

Have your plans for how you wish to be published changed?

This question is also closely linked to my above answer. Originally, I wanted to have an agent or a publisher as I felt that I needed their support and experience but now I’d be quite happy to self publish. By no means am I experienced and knowledgable enough to become published at the moment, but I’d rather struggle myself than write something that isn’t what I want just purely to please the publishers and agents.

Have you ditched any novels/wip and why?

Nope. I have but one novel in me and that is it. Well, one story spanning over five books. You have to drag it out a little!

Favourite book of 2012

This is an easy one for me as I read it in one of my book groups and thought it was fantastic. The Hidden Child by Camilla Lackberg. Well written, great characters, super plot and a very sad ending. (Am I aloud a children’s book too? Yes! Great – I’d also like to say that Wild Magic by Cat Weatherill is my favourite children’s read of 2012, but don’t tell my other authors.)

Plans for 2013

Become a published author, professional proofreader and run the most successful reading and writing scheme for children in the UK – no pressure!

Writing related events attending in 2013

I’ll certainly be attending the Get Writing event in April and hopefully the Hay Festival in June. I have no plans for any other events but will see where my fellow writers are going and endeavour to follow!