Lucky Number 2013

Written by Desiree Fischer



2012 has proved to be a difficult year for me but it instilled me with a fighting spirit…  I hope 13 will be my lucky number!

1. How has your writing changed in 2012?

My writing has changed very much over the course of 2012. It was the first time that I realised publishing as a commercial industry and attempted to write ‘for the market’ which caused a severe case of writers’ block. I realised that more than anything I enjoyed writing and had taken that very joy away. If I don’t enjoy what I am doing what would be the point really? Just very few writers earn substantial amounts of money, so I might as well have fun at what I am doing instead of chasing a shadow. It was my first year of writing in English as well which was quite a challenge but I am feeling a lot more comfortable with it now.

2. Plans for 2013 ?

I want to enjoy writing again and feel the excitement of a new story flowing through me but most of all I want to actually finish something. So far my perfectionism always took over but I won’t let it get in the way anymore. There is always time to fix things later on. Going back to writing the first draft in longhand helped me a lot with this particular problem! Besides that I would like to become a better blogger and twitter user… I am not posting as regularly as I should be (actually the count of blog posts at the moment equals zero *cough*) and I want to change that. It’s a good exercise in discipline and keeps you going… So what’s not to like? I think the root of the problem here again is my perfectionism. I don’t want to post something until I think I really have something to say and miss the whole fun! Overall I want to focus more on writing and less on the bits surrounding it. I just started writing in a language which isn’t my native language so I will give myself time to develop and to enjoy what I am doing.
3. Writing related events attending in 2013?

I will be attending the CrimeFest 2013 and I am very much looking forward to it already! I met so many inspiring people at CrimeFest 2012 and the panels were very interesting throughout. This year I want to attend the Gala Dinner, as I missed out on it last year; Oh, dear, I should probably start looking for a dress!

4. Have any events in 2012 influenced your writing and if so why?

There were quite a few events in 2012 that influenced my writing. I met my fellow Nomads, making my (writing) life a lot brighter and more open. I never really shared much about my writing with any one, but it’s good to have someone who gives you a reality check; whatever you have in your head might not work out on paper, so it’s good to toss ideas around!

But there was darkness too. I lost someone close to me and realised that life is too short to do (or write) what others want us to. If we really just got this one shot at life I want to make it count!

Thanks very much for reading! Happy 2013 everyone!