It’s Time to Get Writing

Would you like to mingle with literary agents? Sip tea alongside authors? Shoulder-brush against people in the know about publishing? And generally meet other wonderful, hard-working, and down-to-earth writers?

Did I hear a yes?


Well, get yourself down to the Get Writing 2013 event – organised by the Verulam Writers’ Circle – being held on  20 April 2013 at the de Havilland Campus – University of Hertfordshire.

It’s an exciting one-day event at a great price of £55 – and that includes workshops, talks, and an opportunity to spend 5 minutes with an expert. And not only that – for an extra £10 (and you can have as many as you like before they sell out) the chance to meet agents, consultants, editors, publishing gurus and other stars.

Some great names that will be attending: Barry Cunningham, David Headley, Lee Harris, Ayisha Malik, Mike French, Philippa Pride, and many, many more.

Click here and see the brochure.

And yes –  the Nomads’ very own CrimeThrillerGirl will be there!  She’s leading on a panel!

Oh…and the rest of the Nomads will be present in force. Come over and say hi, and share what will hopefully be a great event. If you’re still not convinced, imagine the much-needed feedback you’ll receive from agents/publishers about your work.

Don’t sit on your manuscript forever. Come to the Get Writing 2013 event!

See you there. 🙂

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