Imran Siddiq

33 years – Leicester, UK.

@Flickimp  –

Not yet published, but I have a colony of tales that I hope to extract and tell.

Working in the YA Genre with two novels on the go. The plan is to have both revised, edited, critiqued and polished by Spring 2012… and I will then push hard on gaining agent representation.

A keen admirer of the weird and the wonderful, and always making the time to write, be creative and snuggle up to my cats.


James ‘Mighty Jock’ Law

35 years old – Portsmouth, UK.

I enjoy Short Stories and Novel Writing. There are a few of my short pieces on my website (see below).

I am currently working on a tough thriller, The Bullied, It is focused on a Portsmouth Grammar school and follows the ‘Top Boy’ – Brandon Hughes, as he tries to bully the wrong geek.  As his victim uses his intellect and manipulative mind to take on the bully, the roles are quickly reversed and Brandon learns what it is to be ‘The Bullied’.

I love to write and always have a few other projects on line – I’m also currently dabbling with the beginnings of a screenplay.

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Roisin Anna Murphy

22 years old-Dublin, Ireland

@Roisin_Anna –

I’m halfway through a Science Fiction series for adults.  When I tire of presiding over a world I created, I switch to a novel about an immortal witch who decides to experience secondary school in Ireland.

I’m a simple contradiction of laziness and perfectionism.


Tony James Slater

33 years old – Perth, Australia (currently!)

Tony James Slater is a very, very strange man. He believes himself to be indestructible, despite considerable evidence to the contrary. He is often to be found making strange faces whilst pretending to be attacked by inanimate objects. And sometimes – not always, but often enough to be of concern – his testicles hang out of the holes in his trousers.

It is for this reason (amongst others) that he chooses to spend his life far from mainstream civilization, tackling ridiculous challenges and subjecting himself to constant danger. He gets hurt quite a lot.

Tony is the author of self-published travel comedy ‘That Bear Ate My Pants!‘ – which he rarely shuts up about.

He just LOVES it when you get in touch; follow him on Twitter: @TonyJamesSlater – on Facebook,  – or visit his ridiculous blog ‘Adventure Without End‘ – but BEWARE! Some of the writing is in red.


Stephanie Marland

Having previously dabbled in Rom Com, I’m writing my first Thriller.  It’s a thriller romance hybrid with a touch of sci-fi for added pep which I hope to unleash onto unsuspecting agents in 2012. 

An avid reader, I’m inspired and in awe of writers like Michael Crichton, Jeff Abbott, and Daphne du Maurier (novels) and Damon Lindoff, Charlie Kaufman and David Simon (screenplay).

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I also review Crime Fiction for the awesome review blog


Natalie James

28 years old – Cambridgeshire, UK.


Unpublished so far – one day I shall be.

I’m exploring my third genre in the world of writing.  I started with sic-fi, travelled through chick lit, and I’m now exploring medical crime writing.

My writing usually has a military thread, as I’m a military wife and I’m qualified to write medical as I’m an emergency department nurse.

Writing provides an escape for the trials and traumas both aspects of my life bring.


Iti Solanki

24 years- Newcastle Upon Tyne

When I get saturated with the real world and my unreal experiences, I escape to the world where the plot is mine. My first project calls itself EMERALD, which is a YA urban fantasy series. I have also been working on Renaissance- an adult fantasy, Innocent-guilty as charged- a mystery fiction and some other short stories.

To know more about my work visit my site-


Stephanie Roundsmith

I’m 28 and live in the north east of England. I am currently working on my first children’s novel – a fantasy adventure for 9-12 year olds – but this has been on the back burner for a while whilst I set up my reading and writing scheme for children. ( for anyone who’s interested!)

I also run two adult book groups, review books for a crime fiction website, proofread/copy-edit and attempt to attend as many literary events as possible!

If you slice me in half my pages will fall out – I really do eat, breathe and sleep reading and writing! Mind you, I still like the odd jousting tournament, stunt lesson, horseback falconry and horseback archery lessons – all in the name of research!


Desiree Fischer